Choosing a Wheelchair If You’re Obese

Different kinds of people require using a wheelchair; some require them because they have become disabled due to having accidents or some other kind of detrimental experience, while still others may be too old to walk and need an aid to help them remain mobile.

Obese Persons

There are of course different kinds of wheelchairs that will suit different kinds of users. For example, if you happen to be obese you would need to look for special kinds of wheelchairs. The good news is that these are easily available at any store. Nevertheless, there are a few points worth considering before you buy such an item of equipment.

The first thing that you need to look at is how easy or difficult the wheelchair is as far as maneuverability goes. For obese people, these wheelchairs need to have a wide wheelbase which will ensure that they are able to maneuver it around easily. In addition, there is also need to look at the type of wheels being used. Wide wheels will provide better support and it is in fact mandatory to use them when conveying obese persons.

A person’s weight may prove to be a problem unless the seat is enforced with frames made from steel which will not only ensure that the wheelchair does not break under the load, but will also make for a better appearance. Even when choosing the tires it is necessary to look for those that are made from materials such as urethane which is more durable thereby ensuring less maintenance while at the same time ensuring longer lasting wheels.

Finally, you will need to make a call as to whether to opt for an electric or manual wheelchair. In the case of obese people, an electric option would be wiser since it is quite hard to propel one manually, and in addition, manual effort will also cause unwanted strain on the elbow joints and on the shoulders. Manual options also mean more wear and tear and therefore the need to replace the wheelchair within a few years arises more frequently than is desirable.

The electric wheelchair is of course one that is run by a motor that provides the power which in turn helps to propel the disabled person or sick individual without need for expending any manual effort. Though some people would say that by using a manual wheelchair, the person using it will be able to burn calories whenever they make an effort in propelling them manually; the truth of the fact is that a wheelchair is not meant to act as an item of exercise. The proper place for obese patients to get exercise is a gym and not a wheelchair.


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