Fold Up Wheelchair To Help The Aged

A fold up wheelchair is used for a bed-ridden patient. It comprises mainly of a chair which has a back rest and the main body of the chair can be folded upward and downward. The chair has some frames at the back and the rear legs are attached and connected to the frame. The legs can be rotated to push the frame forward and backward.


In this way the patient can be moved from a sitting position to a horizontal position, or the other way around. The chair or stroller which is occupied by the patient can be brought down, folded or specially adapted for portability. The movement of the various parts of the chair is electrically operated.

Japanese Invention

The fold up wheelchair is a Japanese invention and its main objective is to help an aged person or a bed-ridden patient who cannot move from one place to the other. The device is operated by another person, who may also be aged and not have the physical strength to take care of another aged person.

The invention has passed through several stages till the new version, which has been patented. In the conventional form of the fold up wheelchair, the chair was in the center of the frame and the rear leg of the chair was connected to the frame, which could rotate like a screw shaft backward and forward. In the next stage, the side frames were connected and a motor was attached which moved the chair to a horizontal position.

In this way the patient could be transferred from the bed to the wheelchair without much complication. Then the back of the chair went up again and the patient could be moved to the bath or the toilet, like moving him in a normal ultra light folding wheelchair. He could be given a bath on the wheel chair, but the screw shafts started rusting due to the hot water.

Supporting Table

An addition of a supporting table was made for the fold up wheelchair, on which the patient could be placed horizontally and given a bath. He was then brought back to his bed by transferring him from the table to the wheel-chair and then on to the bed. The complete procedure is now motorized and the positions are altered by raising the portions of the chair and bringing them in line with the bed and the folding table.

The fold up wheelchair also helps the patient to use the toilet by having a seat frame attached to the fold-up wheelchair and a toilet hole below it, which can be opened and closed also with the help of a motor.


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