Portable Shower Wheelchair Helps Restore Patient Dignity

The use of a wheelchair is going to come at the expense of losing many individual freedom of movements. For many people confined to a wheelchair, their quality of life will suffer and their sense of independence will also be diminished. However, there are many new developments that help restore some of their dignities, such as the portable shower wheelchair that enables them to enjoy their privacy in the bathroom. Consider the need and desire for privacy when performing certain tasks, and the portable shower wheelchair may seem like a natural fit.

Many homes with handicapped residents install showers that make it easy to roll in a wheelchair, affording the patient privacy and convenience and many of the portable shower wheelchair units available can also be used for other functions, eliminating the need to have more than one wheelchair available. Wheelchairs equipped with portable potties can usually also be found that work equally as well as a portable shower wheelchair.

Depending on the physical limitations of the patient, many showers are accessible to wheelchairs, but the wheelchair may not be equally usable as a portable shower wheelchair. Those with padding affixed to the chair seat and back may become waterlogged and damaged if exposed to the water. Using a portable shower wheelchair is often the patient's best bet when seeking more personal freedom and independence.

Counting On Others For Personal Hygiene

Very few patients with a major handicap requiring the use of a wheelchair will want to count on other for many of the most basic of functions, especially when it comes to personal hygiene. A portable shower wheelchair allows them the freedom to move into a shower stall, specifically designed for wheelchair access, and then perform this task on their own.

While pushing a wheelchair around the home or outside can be a tiring experience, even using a portable shower wheelchair can take a toll on many individuals. The use of a portable power wheelchair can take some of the stresses out of restoring an individual's freedom of mobility, allowing them access to places that would be off limits to traditional wheelchairs.

It should be noted that wheelchairs that operate with an electric motor cannot be used as a portable shower wheelchair since the drenching it would take will ruin the power unit. Having a separate portable shower wheelchair in which the person can bathe on their own is nearly a necessity if they regularly use a motorized chair for other activities.


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