Portable Folding Wheelchair Handy To Carry On Outings

Most people suffering from a temporary handicap will opt for a portable folding wheelchair to gain the freedom of mobility during their recovery period. Others, with a more permanent loss of the use of their legs will also use a portable folding wheelchair when they travel with others or even on their own, to insure they have a means of transportation when walking is out of the question.

One of the advantages of a portable folding wheelchair is the small size to which they fold for storage in the home or in the cargo area of most vehicles, making them convenient to take on trips. Those who tire easily when walking, such as patients on oxygen, find that carrying a portable folding wheelchair allows them more time away from home than walking. With waning strength, they can use the chair when moving from place to place or, if needed, on a fulltime basis.

A traditional portable folding wheelchair can be used to go from one area of the home to another and stored within arms-reach of the user. For example, they can use the chair to get from the bedroom to the living room and once situated on the couch, can place the portable folding wheelchair next to their seat, ready for use when they need to head ot another room in the house.

Ease Of Use Important To The Handicapped

One thing to look for when searching for a portable folding wheelchair is its ease of use. It should be quick and easy to fold up as well as open back up when needed. Remember the person using the chair has a handicap and may not have the use of all of their strength. The portable folding wheelchair should be able to be folded up and stored with the use of one hand, eliminating the need for another person to be available to use or store the chair.

They should also be light enough for the handicapped person to move about on their own and require little strength to put into the trunk of a traditional car. If the person is exceptionally active a wheelchair scooter may be better suited to their lifestyle, but even a simple portable folding wheelchair will add to their quality of life. Adding independence and freedom to a person's daily living should be the top concern in choosing the right portable folding wheelchair to meet their lifestyle needs.


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