Lightweight Folding Wheelchair Is Ideal For Traveling

A lightweight folding wheelchair weighs as little as 30 lbs, and it can fold down to the size of a golf bag. If you go for a vacation or a trip, or just go shopping or visit the doctor, it is an ideal solution for occasional wheelchair users. It folds easily and can be stored in very little space. All lightweight folding wheelchairs are ergonomically designed for comfort and crash tested for safety and durability. They are technically advanced and performance-oriented.


The lightweight folding wheelchair has a steel frame, which weighs a maximum of 13 lbs. The foam padded armrests can be folded down to seat level and all the upholstery on the wheelchair is padded as well. Most of the time the frame can be folded so that it can be transported easily. But there are lightweight rigid frames available too in the market.

For Older Users

A lightweight folding wheelchair is actually more appropriate for older users who want the convenience of an easy-to-fold design. Nevertheless, it is not possible for the wheelchair user to fold it; hence it is designed keeping the user’s companion in mind. Besides, the energy that a wheelchair with a rigid frame has is much less in a lightweight folding wheelchair, because some of its energy gets lost is the moving parts of a foldable frame.

The lightweight folding wheelchair cannot be designed to fit the user as in the rigid frame wheelchairs. It has to fold into a compact shape; hence its ability to fit or adjust is greatly reduced. Therefore it does not offer high comfort benefits, but its main ability to quickly fold and store in the trunk of a car makes it popular among older users who are not traveling too often. The folding wheelchair ramp with it can easily be taken on trips and vacations and used in places, where there are no special arrangements for wheelchair users.

Maintenance And Care

A lightweight folding wheelchair definitely requires more maintenance than the other varieties. The frames are very light and often crack, the front forks bend and often the folding takes too long and is cumbersome. Maintenance of all parts is imperative and if the wheelchair is used after long intervals, it should be kept inside the house in a safe place and not left outside to the wind and rain. If you do that, the day you have to go to the doctor, or just go shopping may not be possible, if you discover at the last moment that some nuts and bolts have rusted.

With the lightweight folding wheelchair it is possible for individuals who don’t normally require wheelchairs, to use it for small durations and errands as part of their daily living. While traveling it is best to take assistance, especially to escort and help with the folding of the wheelchair.









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