How To Go About Getting A Medicare Motorized Wheelchair

Most motorized wheelchairs are so costly that not everyone can easily afford to buy one and it can in fact; make many people look for other options instead. There is some hope for people that cannot afford to pay the costs of owning a motorized wheelchair; because Medicare motorized wheelchairs is one way that they can purchase a motorized wheelchair without having to pay the entire cost on their own.

Pay Twenty Percent Of The Cost

Medicare motorized wheelchair means that you only pay twenty percent of the total cost of the motorized wheelchair while the remaining eighty percent is borne by Medicare. What’s more, by having a secondary insurance policy you can even get the insurance provider to pay the remaining twenty percent of the cost of a motorized wheelchair.

However, before you can avail of Medicare motorized wheelchair, you need to be able to fulfill certain eligibility requirements. First off, it is necessary that a disabled person requires a wheelchair or scooter in order to move about. Second off, the person must be unable to maneuver a manually operated wheelchair and is therefore forced into using a motorized wheelchair.

Other eligibility criteria that an individual must meet in order to avail of Medicare motorized wheelchair is that he or she is competent enough to operate the controls of such a mobility device. In addition, the individual must also be able to easily as well as safely convey them to and from the wheelchair.

Another eligibility factor that needs to be satisfied in order to get Medicare motorized wheelchair is that the individual must have enough stability in his body to safely ride a motorized wheelchair. Also, the individual must vouch for the fact that they have not, in the past five years, bought a wheelchair for which they have sought for and obtained reimbursement.

Also, Medicare has to be the main insurance carrier when filing your claim initially. In case an individual has already made use of Medicare motorized wheelchair, then when filing a fresh claim, they need to return the existing wheelchair to the company.

To overcome the disadvantage of being stuck on one level (which happens when using a motorized wheelchair) you may also want to find a solution that allows you to go from one level to the next and do it with ease. The motorized wheelchair lift will help you to not have to expend any effort while still allowing you the luxury of being able to go up multiple levels in a building.

For those who are looking for Medicare motorized wheelchair, they will of course only need to pay twenty percent of the total cost of the motorized wheelchair. Other than that, there is one hundred dollars deducted each year on account of Medicare Part B Supplement. Also, the Medicare claim is usually settled within a month, and so, in order to ensure that your claim is passed, you should take the trouble of filling and completing a Medicare pre-approval form well before filing your claim.


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