Portable Electric Wheelchair Adds Mobility Without The Bulk

Wheelchairs are a great asset for those with handicaps, but they require a lot of effort to move them along and many with disabilities lack the arm strength to move them over distances outside the home. A portable electric wheelchair can provide the mobility many of them seek without the need for large vehicles in which they are transported. While they may be smaller than many of the power chairs on the market, the portable electric wheelchair can be folded up and transported in smaller cars and trucks, and unfolded and used when they reach their destination.

In many cases, a person is capable of walking short distances and even able to drive their own car to get where they want to go. However, once there they can use their portable electric wheelchair to save their energies for other activities. Shopping is one of the many pleasures in life often sacrificed by the handicapped and although they can get to the store, they lack the strength needed for extended excursions.

By packing their portable electric wheelchair in the truck of their car it can be available for use for cruising through the aisle while they shop around for anything that may strike their fancy. Additionally, it can take the strain off family and friends by allowing them to shop on their own without being a burden on others.

Cost Of Chairs May Be Covered By Insurance

Many insurance companies agree that the cost of a portable electric wheelchair should be covered as part of the medical bills for the patient. Many companies also are willing to submit the bill for a portable electric wheelchair to an insurer and may also be able to find help in covering the cost of any deductible required by the insurance company. With many of the associated costs of a portable electric wheelchair covered, there are few reasons a person cannot own one of their own.

Many users are finding that the portable electric wheelchair far exceeds their expectations in allowing them freedom and independence that they have given up their old portable folding wheelchair, often trading them in on the powered models. Since many of the new models also fold up neatly with smaller models and controls, they can also be used within the home and in many assisted living facilities. Plugging them into a standard wall outlet overnight, generally provides enough of a charge to keep them mobile the entire next day.


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