Portable Wheelchair Ramp Helps Remove Handicapped Barriers

Many handicapped persons own their own wheelchair for using around their home and property, allowing them to get out into the fresh air and sunshine. However, getting in and out of a vehicle while still in the wheelchair can be difficult, unless the vehicle is equipped with a portable wheelchair ramp. Many vehicles can be adapted for the use of wheelchair-bound patients but many of the have ramps that are permanently attached to the vehicle and are not usable in other surroundings.

Many buildings have been adapted for the use of those in wheelchairs, and new laws requiring many businesses to offer access to the handicapped has greatly increased the quality of life they can enjoy. Some people have chosen to carry a portable wheelchair ramp along with their wheelchair for those times when free access has not been mandated. Curbs and stairs are some of the most common barriers that hold wheelchair-bound persons from enjoying some aspects of their life, but a portable wheelchair ramp can help get them past those barriers.

Additionally, when a person is confined to a wheelchair they may have their own vehicle that is fitted with a ramp for quick and easy access. However, if they are traveling in a vehicle that is not equipped, a portable wheelchair ramp can be used. In addition to adapting them to a different means of transportation, they can usually be easily used for access to many other facilities not so equipped.

Using Ramp At Home Improves Activities

Most homes are capable of being fitted with a permanent ramps for wheelchair access, but many apartments and some assisted living facilities may not welcome wheelchairs to all parts of the facility. The use of a portable wheelchair ramp can open areas of many places without the need for permanent structural changes. Being independent is a major concern of many wheelchair-bound patients and using a portable wheelchair ramp can make them feel as though there are no places they cannot get into with ease.

Independence can also be improved by using a portable shower wheelchair that in some instances allows the user the privacy they need for bathing. The use of many models of these types of chairs make it possible to have only one wheelchair instead of a different model for different purposes. While most handicapped-friendly facilities allow the wheelchair to be driven directly into the shower facility, the use of a portable wheelchair ramp may allow them access to other facilities with small stairs leading to the shower area.


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