Regaining Mobility With A Portable Power Wheelchair

Being confined to a wheelchair is a life-changing experience and being limit by physical restriction can make nearly anyone feel a loss of independence. Very few people will embrace being dependent on someone else in order to move around their home or during trips outside and a portable power wheelchair can remove a lot of that dependence. Many of these units are designed with ease of use in mind and simply require a regular charge to keep their batteries charged an ready for use. The portable power wheelchair can offer improvement to the individual's freedom of being able to get out and about on their own.

Whether the use of a portable power wheelchair is temporary for recovering from injuries or permanent, they can great improve the quality of life by allowing the users the freedom of mobility without counting on someone else to push them around. Even those with considerable upper body strength will quickly tire of pushing themselves along in a traditional wheelchair and eventually may stop advocating getting out of the house due to the stress it places on their muscles.

Many portable power wheelchair models today are operated with a single control level, often referred to as a joy stick, that allows for movement in all directions with the simple push of the lever. Depending on the size of the person, the strength of the battery as well as the condition of the portable power wheelchair motors, they can expect to provide transportation for several hours without being recharged.

Choosing Chair According To Anticipated Use

When looking to purchase a portable power wheelchair the person's size and how the wheelchair will be used are two of the main considerations. Some of the wheelchairs can be used indoors without major structural changes that may be required if doorways and furniture restrict access to certain areas of the home. A slim style portable power wheelchair that is light enough to be taken into a vehicle and used outside the home is an added bonus when looking for the right chair.

The use of a portable electric wheelchair is ideal for those that have retained many of their other physical functions. Their batteries are usually the heaviest part of the chair and using them is typically simple enough for even novice users to get a grasp on their operation. When searching for a portable power wheelchair, its intended use should mainly be to restore the user's personal freedom and confidence that they are not totally dependent on others.


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